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& Colorado Brewers Earn 38 Medals @ GABF
News - Festival
34 Colorado brewers won 38 medals in 33 style categories at this yearís Great American Beer Festival competition in Denver. Itsí the worldís largest commercial beer contest, run for the past 30 years by Boulder-based Brewers Association.
State Fair Boosts Quality of Colorado Beer
News - Colorado
The road to winning at GABF usually winds through many other beer competitions - including one of the oldest beer contests in the state.
Cheeky Monk Closes, Lost Highway To Find New Digs
News - Brewery
It's last call for the "Best Beer Block on Colfax", as the Cheeky Monk closed it doors for good today. Lost Highway Brewing next door is moving to new facilities, too. Owners Tina and James Pachorek were pushed into high gear after the building's owner decided to sell the property.
Colorado Breweries Celebrate Big Win at the World Beer Cup
News - Festival
This week, the Colorado craft beer scene is celebrating the success of 32 Colorado breweries who brought home awards from the 2016 World Beer Cup in Philadelphia.
Last-Minute Senate Bill May Shape Colorado Craft's Future
News - Politics
SB 197 doesnít satisfy everyone, and that may be the best sort of praise one can give to it. Where many other past legislative efforts in Colorado have favored only grocery stores, SB 197 goes a long way to be inclusive and address the concerns of many stakeholders - including consumers.
Tidal Wave of Change Threatens Craft Industry and Consumers
News - Politics
The question: why in the hell canít I buy real beer, wine and spirits at my favorite grocery store, just like people do in so many other states? Huh? The answer is simple: itís complicated.
New 9th Edition Guidebook Is Here!!
News - Colorado
Introducing our Newest, Latest, Most Complete Guidebook to Colorado Craft Ever: the New 9th Edition Beer, Wine, & Spirit Drinkerís Guide to Colorado.
Grocery Stores Quest for $$$$ Will Kill Colorado Craft
News - Politics
It appears that Spaceway, King Stupors and WallyWorld are ganging up again, ready to pour millions into their one-sided campaign to make more money at the expense of Colorado local business. Here's why selling full-strength beer, wine and spirits in grocery stores is a bad idea...

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